Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Are Going Home! February 24, 2012

Today was the day that we got to bring Gabbie home.  The morning started off with a visit from my doctor to tell me that I might not be going home.  :(  My right leg was still numb from the spinal tap that I got from the c-section and extremely swollen.  The doctor was more than concerned that I had a bloodclot in my leg.  I was ordered to go for an ultrasound of my leg that morning to make sure that I didn't.  I was so upset.  I remember asking the doctor if I have to stay, does Gabbie go home without me and she said no.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I went for the ultrasound and found out all is good, but that I would have to see a neurologist after I got home.  I was so happy and couldn't believe that we were going home.  Chris and I packed up everything to go home.  My favorite nurse came home to give us lots of goodies and love.  She helped us get everything packed up and ready to go home.  I think this is when reality was really hitting that we were getting to take Gabbie home with us.  Here are some pictures of our last day in the hospital. 
I am starting to look a bit more normal, but oh so happy.

One proud daddy.  He of course wanted her to wear her Daddy's girl onesie home.
I am going home!

Pam, my amazing nurse and friend that I made with all of my visits to the hospital.  She was more than amazing through the whole process.

Our little family  <3  So in love!

Her first ride in the carseat.  She hated it!

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