Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Fun Firsts

Here are a few fun pictures of things Gabbie did for the first time when she was at home.

First tummy time...she kept trying to go to sleep.  :)  Roxas knows how to do tummy time though.

She was so funny as she would turn her face down or to the other side so she could sleep, but we caught on real quick.  Can you say she already has a temper!

This was the morning after her second night home.  We had a much better night and just had to get up at 4am to feed her and change her.  WOO HOO!  You can tell by her cheering arms we were all happy that morning that we got sleep!  In addition, Gabbie doesn't like to be curled up in a ball at all.  She would rather be laid out straight with her hands above her hands.  She has a funny startle reflex where her hands fly above her head all the time.  We love it! only took one week for Chris to go into withdrawals from Call of Duty as he stayed with me at the hospital the whole time.  It was very quiet in the house and I knew he had Gabbie.  I crept down the hall to spy and this is what I found.  He still wants to get Gabbie her own X-BOX and is now pushing for a Playstation 3 for her.  I can't win with him.
Gabbies first bath time at home...she hates it!!!!

I am sure that the neighbors can hear her screaming bloody murder when it is bath time.

Gabbies first time sitting in her boppy.  I just love this picture of her HUGE feet!

One of Gabbies first smiles.  :)  She makes the cutest faces when she sleeps.  She also rolls her eyes in the back of her head which my mom calls her the exorcist baby.

Gabbie rolled over from my belly to my back on day 6.  She hasn't done it again, but she did it twice that morning!
She loves to play with her hands and feet.  This was one of her first nights at home. 

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