Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Go Time: February 21st, Gabbie Is Coming!

The day is finally here for us to becoming parents!  7 long years of trying and fertility treatment and we are finally going to be able to hold our actual baby in our arms!  When I sit and reflect back on this journey I have done things that I never thought I could.  Who would have thought I could do multiple injections a day for months at a time.  Unreal!  This journey has been hard and emotional, but it has brought Chris and I together closer than ever.  Even the heartache along the way of losing babies has taught us to not take anything for granted.  Today we would get to meet our daughter and have the end result we had dreamed of for so long.

That morning I was in tears and honestly I don't know how we got to the hospital as I was shaking with nervousness and anxiousness.  Chris was trying to act calm, but I knew he was feeling the same way that was for sure.  The whole way to the hospital at 5am, neither of us really said anything.  Actually I think we argued some on the way, but that is normal when I am on edge.  When we got there, we had no idea what was going to happen next, but I would have rather have not known then known and worried more.

We were taken down the hall to a huge hospital room.  I had been admitted there before and thought the rooms were big, but this room was huge.  Once I got in there, a nurse came in with lots of instructions.  Before I knew it I had scrubbed up and in bed.  Chris sat on the other side of the room watching television as various people came in and started poking me.  Of course the IV was a disaster and I was so sick at my stomach and my blood pressure dropped.  Good times.  Meanwhile another nurse was doing a "fun" job, another nurse taking my blood to check my blood type in case of a transfusion, another nurse was checking my vitals, another nurse was with Chris giving him his scrubs, etc.  I was just laying there going what did I get myself into.  A little bit later my mom showed up and was excited which helped me some, but I am sure that this picture says it all on how I was feeling.
From here, more people came in including Dr. Leverett, an anaesthesiologist, and more nurses.  By this time my dad was there and it was a big party in my room.  I was so scared by this point that I just wanted her to magically get here.  I go have to say that once my nurse, Pam, got there, I was a bit better as her excitement and reassurance really helped me.  Before long, I was being wheeled down the hall to the delivery room and there was no turning back now.

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