Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gabbie Gempeler

It is Baby Time!  Being wheeled down the hall to the delivery room, I was on edge to say the least, but so excited.  I was keeping it together until we got to the delivery room and the nurse said Chris sit here and we will come get you when we are ready.  It was at that point, that I started to panic and tear up.  They had me get off the gurney and walk into the delivery room where I swear there were 15 people if not more in there.  It is a good thing that I am not modest any more about who sees me.  :)  They had me sit on the edge of the bed for the spinal.  I remember looking at my favorite nurse Pam and saying, I need Chris.  She said I will get you through this.  I told the man I hate needles and don't let me see anything and he said I wouldn't.  Thank God!  I still don't want to know what they stuck in my spine.  My nurse sat there and held me as I held onto a pillow with tears running down my cheeks.  She just stood there and smiled at me and talking to me to keep me calm.  I really don't know what I would have done without her.  I remember feeling something cold on my back and then a huge sticker of some sort that was stuck on my back.  I think not knowing what was going on was good, but bad at this point as the anaesthesiologist had told me some of it, but I really tuned it out as I didn't want to know.  Then came the pain and weird sensations.  I remember the pain and then the stinging and then the cold sensation throughout my body.  The next thing I know people are helping me lay down and get my body situated as my body was numb from my chest down.  Then things really started rolling as I was hooked up to all kind of monitors and people were getting everything ready.  I was laying there thinking where is Chris.  Finally after what seemed like hours, I heard a nurse say can I get the husband.  I was pretty happy to hear that as I was about to lose it.  Next thing I know a curtain was hung up so I couldn't see and then Chris came in.  I felt like I was strapped down to a cross as I couldn't move.  The oxygen in my nose was about to drive me nuts.  When Chris sat down next to me, I just looked at him with tears and he looked at me with a concerned look like what is going on.  I wanted nothing more than for him to hold my hand, but he couldn't.  Pretty soon my doctor asked if I could feel something and I couldn't so they got started.  At this point I am guessing it is like 7:55am.  I have to say I felt more than I thought I would that is for sure.  You felt pulling and some of the weirdest sensations in the world.  I heard my water break and them sucking it out.  Then my doctor mentioned that when I felt like someone was sitting on my chest, Gabbie was coming.  Not too much later, I felt like someone was seriously sitting on my chest.  I looked at Chris and said she is coming, I feel it.  Then I hear my doctor say, we have a head.  Then she said, Chris do you want to look, he said no.  :)  Next thing I know, I heard the greatest noise in the world, I heard my daughter crying.  I immediately had tears running down my face as I just realized that I am a mom finally.  I knew that they were taking Gabbie to the warmer and I told Chris to go to her.  He looked at me and was like are you sure and I said yes.  I wish he could have stayed with me, but there was no way I wanted her over there by herself and I wanted pictures.  Here is our beautiful daughter.

Gabbie was born at 8:07 on February 21st.  She weighed 7lbs and 15ounces.  She was 20.25 inches long.

I remember lying there and just crying as I couldn't see her, but I knew Chris was with her.  I was feeling sick and nauseous to say the least as things continued.  My blood pressure dropped and I was wishing that someone was by my head comforting me, but before long, I heard my doctor tell me that they were putting my guts back in and finishing up.  Thank God!  I knew that Chris was probably just about to faint hearing that and I was a little sick over the news, but I knew I was closer to getting to meet my doctor.  I heard a nurse say across the room, Becky Chris is about to bring her over to you.  My emotions picked up even more as I knew I would finally get to see our miracle.  I will never forget seeing Chris walk across the room to me with Gabbie.  He was so happy.  I couldn't see his mouth, but I could see that he was just smiling in his eyes.  He laid Gabbie on my chest so I could touch her.  What an amazing feeling to finally have my daughter here with us.  Here is a few more pictures. 

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