Saturday, March 17, 2012

Last Night of Just the Two of Us: February 20th

Wow...this was our last night just the two of us before we really become a family.  I was a ball of nerves to say the least.  I had spent the day with my mom tying up lose ends to make sure that I had everything ready for Gabbie's arrival.  There were lots of little things that I needed to buy and honestly I just needed my mom by my side reassuring me.  I remember people wanting to tell me what to expect with a c-section, but I didn't want to know.  Sometimes it is better to just go in and let it all happen.  :)  On this whole day I just kept thinking there is no way that there is really a baby inside me that is coming out.  It just didn't seem real.  That night we all went to my brother's house for dinner.  Chris had to work as he was putting in crazy hours so he didn't have to waste a bunch of vacation hours that week.  I hated that he wasn't there and we didn't get to spend some quality time together, but was glad that he would be with Gabbie and I when the time was right.  Dinner was so nice and spending time with my family is just what I needed.  My nieces were cracking me up and my little 2 year old niece just kept touching my tummy asking when Gabbie was coming out to play.  I remember back to months earlier when she would lift my shirt up and look at my belly button saying it was broken.  What a long road this was, but it was so worth the wait that was for sure. 

When I got home that night Chris and I just didn't know what to say or do as we both were getting nervous.  I was a huge ball of emotions and just kept crying.  Damn my hormones!  We just kept walking into her room and realizing that the next day she would be here.  All of the years of heartache and disappointment to finally have our miracle here.  Unreal.  We are so thankful to God for leading us on this long journey to our child.  In just a few hours, we are going to be parents!  Do you think either of us slept that night?  NOPE!  Chris got up at 2:30 in the morning to go to the gym to get a work out in.  He said that this reminded him of Christmas and he needed to get some of his excitement and nervousness out.  :)  Me on the other hand, I just tossed and turned as usual because I was nervous, anxious, and of course uncomfortable.

Here is the last picture we took at home of my huge belly.  :)

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