Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Little Miracle

Each day we were in the hospital, it become more and more real that Gabbie was our little miracle.  Each time I would hold her and she would look into my eyes, I would tear up a bit.  Hear was this beautiful and perfect baby and she is ours.  On top of that everyone said that she looks like me.  I didn't see it when we were in the hospital, but I sure did when my mom showed me one of my baby pictures.  She is definitely our baby.  :)  Everyone that would come in would comment how beautiful and perfect she was.  The nurses in the nursery would fight over her and who got to take care of her.  We would send her down to the nursery each night to get some rest as my pain was through the roof and I would have nurses in every few hours for more medicine to help with the various symptoms and pain that I was experiencing.  When I would walk down the hall in the morning to get her, I would find her in the nursery with a bunch of other babies, but the nurses would have her out playing with her and giving her individual attention.  One of the nurses said to me, you don't have to leave tomorrow do you.  :)  That made me feel so good that she was being cared for like she was and that she was so loved.  I hope that Gabbie knows all of the people that loved her and supported her all the way from when she was a little embryo to this beautiful almost 8lb baby. 

One of my favorite memories in the hospital was one of the pediatricians that saw her one day came down to give us our daily report on Gabbie.  When she walked in, she said wow....I am so glad that I got to meet your miracle.  She then told us that she had read through my file and can't believe everything that we had been through to have this perfect little girl.  She said that she was perfect and she was honored that she got to meet her.  It made me tear up hearing this.  Like I said before Gabbie is so loved and her story of creation has touched so many people and given them inspiration.  We are even writing up our story for our RE with SHER Institute to give hope and inspiration to other couples as they deal with infertility.

While we were in the hospital a lady came in to take her newborn pictures.  Here are just a few that I snapped with my camera of her and her adorable dress that I bought her.  Little did I know that when I bought her dress that she would be so tiny.  Gempeler babies are normally not tiny.  :)

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