Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am really surprised that i haven't been on here sooner writing as I have had a lots going on including a crazy scare in May, but I think with the end of the school year and all, it just all hit the back burner.  If you are wondering about the scare, I was worried about my tube and a mass.  Finally I can say that the pain is gone as is the mass.  Thank goodness.  On top of that I am on summer break!  For the first time ever I am taking a whole summer off for me.  I am so excited.  Nothing, but relaxation to help prepare for the next school year.  Deep down inside I am hoping that without all of this stress that maybe just maybe we can get pregnant on our own.  I feel like the worlds been lifted off my shoulders since school got out and plan on just enjoying my time off.  Keep your fingers crossed for us these next few months in hopes that maybe just maybe we can do this without IVF.  I am really hopeful.  :)