Saturday, March 17, 2012

Few Weeks Leading Up To Gabbie

WOW...I haven't written in over a month...  The whole month of February is a complete blur to me as I was going to the doctor and/or hospital 6 times a week.  My doctor was very concerned about how Gabbie wasn't moving in the womb the way she should and how she wouldn't pass her breathing test when doing the BIO's Physical Profile Ultrasound.  More or less, I would go to St. Lukes East Hospital and be hooked up to monitors for an hour or longer to check her heartrate, movement, and my contractions.  One of my favorite nurses Pam finally figured out that they needed to stimulate my belly with a wand to try to wake up Gabbie and force movement.  I hated that we had to do this, but it seemed to do the trick most of the time as she would start finally moving.  Sometimes they would just have to shock my belly once, but a lot of times it would take two times to get her moving.  The nurses would look for accelerations in her movement that would count as a passing score.  I can't tell you how many times we failed this test and would be sent to another part of the hospital for an ultrasound to monitor movement.  They would look for spinal movement, actual movement of fingers and or legs, measure the amniotic fluid, and then check for breathing.  She had 30 minutes to pass all of these skills and guess what, she would never pass.  Each time I would leave, my heart would be broken to say the least.  Finally on February 10th, she passed her breathing test!  Seeing her little lungs move, brought me to tears.  Or course, this was an appointment that Chris couldn't be there for and he missed it.  I was hoping that it just wasn't a fluke and at the next BIO's Ultrasound, she would pass again.  I finally started allowing myself to get a bit excited about Gabbie's arrival!  When I went to my weekly doctor's appointment after the scan, I found out that I was going to be having a c-section on February 21st if not sooner.  :)  Little Gabbie was definitely starting to become more and more real with each hour!  Finally my mom and I were getting excited and little did we know, that we would have one more little scare that just leveled me.  I had appointments on February 14th, 16th, and 17th.  The 17th was supposed to be my last appointment before having Gabbie, but that didn't happen.  We went on the 16th to iron out all of the details for my c-section.  I had never felt so nervous and that she was really coming as I did on that day.  Chris and I just sat there as Dr. Leverett explained a few things to us.  When we left there, we both were excited and nervous.  I really felt like everything was going to be ok and we were just going to have a large baby.  When I went on the 17th to the hospital for my usual round of tests, Gabbie was moving and cooperating a lot which had me thinking I would be getting out of there quick to meet Chris for lunch just the two of us for the last time.  When one of the nurses came in she informed me that I wouldn't be going home just yet as Gabbie's heartrate was way to fast.  My heartrate was registering in the 180s with the lows in the 170s.  The dr that was at the hospital said to call me in a lunch and plan on staying for a few hours to be monitored.  I just wanted to cry.  I remember calling Chris just in tears saying seriously, when is it ok to think that everything is just fine with Gabbie.  Argh...  There hasn't been a dull moment in this pregnancy that is for sure.  Finally after a few more hours of monitoring her heartrate did come down some and out of the 180s, but there was still concern which meant another appointment the next day at the hospital to run tests.  Seriously!  I just wanted to cry and did when I got to the car.  My mom and I went the next day for tests and her heartrate was back on track.  Huge sigh of relief.  Only three more days and I am going to be a mom!

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