Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homecoming! February 24th, 2012

The car ride from the hospital was one of the most nerve racking experiences.  I got in the backseat with Gabbie which was easier said than done.  I tried getting in and didn't realize that the seat was too far back and about jumped out of the car as I thought I had ripped my incision open.  The nurse came running over to check me out and said I probably had just pulled something.  Scary.  I sat in the backseat with Gabbie as Chris drove us home.  Chris probably drove the slowest he ever had.  :)

When we got home...Chris had to take care of both of us.  He got Gabbie out of the car and upstairs as I was in the car still.  He had to help me up the stairs very carefully.  I was worn out and in pain to say the least.  Once I was settled on the sofa, we called my dad to bring the dogs home.  It was so funny when they came in as they didn't even realize Gabbie was here at first.  She was sitting in her glider and they had no idea.  All of a sudden Rudy started smelling the air and found her.  Roxas then crawled up on the ottoman to check things out.  They were definitely not sure what we had brought home and didn't like her.  For the longest time they hid from us and ignored us.

That afternoon we had tons of visitors to see Gabbie.  My parents came over as did my brother and his family.  The sweetest part of the day was that my brother went to the American Girl store to get Gabbie her first American Girl baby.  What a sweet gesture on his behalf.  He even got her with the same features as Gabbie.  I know that when she is older, she is going to love her first baby.  Of course I took pictures of Gabbie's first few hours at home.  :)  Better yet, I should say, I sat on the couch and Chris took the pictures for me.

Our first night with Gabbie was a nightmare.  We figured out real quick that even though the nurses said she was wonderful with her feedings and sleep, that she had her days and nights mixed up.  I don't think we slept at all that night and on top of that, I was feeling more than lousy and dealing with my own medical issues.  Not a fun first night at home that is for sure, but we knew the next day we would be keeping her up during the day to make that night a lot easier. 

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