Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Scare And In The Hospital Again! 35 Weeks!

Gabbie wasn't moving much over the weekend and I actually followed my gut instinct and called the dr. They said I needed to come immediately for a non-stress test. I was nervous as I thought things were fine as I would check her heartbeat at home with the doppler, but I guess her not moving can mean other things. Once there she didn't move much as I was hooked up to the monitors and caused my dr to worry. They watched for movement for about 2 hours or longer. I was then taken for an ultrasound for a BIOS test.  There were different criteria that she had to pass to pass the test and she had only 30 minutes to complete the test. One was three basic body movements including arching of the spine, reflex movements, measure amniotic fluid, and then 30 secs of practice breathing. We failed the movement and breathing which scored us a 6 out of 10. I was then admitted to the hospital to watch her overnight and redo the test today. In the mean time, I had lots of contractions last night to the point they gave me meds to stop them. I noticed being hooked up to all of the monitors watching her heartbeat, contractions, and movement that when I would have a harder contraction, that her heartbeat would drop. I didn't sleep at all with everything and staring at the monitors. Then on top of that my alarm went off as I moved wrong which showed her heartbeat dropping. Good times. This morning we passed the movement part of the test, but not the breathing again. I was just sick laying there watching the ultrasound screen and not seeing her diaphragm move. After we got done I just started crying as the day before my doctor said that if she didn't pass the test we would be having a baby that day and a perineatologist would be called in to assist. I also knew that meant an amniocentesis which I know is deadly in some cases. :( To our dismay when we got back up to my hospital room, the dr let me come home, but being seen daily just about for appointments more or less. I have non stress tests every other day at the hospital to watch her movement as they are still worried. If she doesn't move the way that they like, then we have the BIOS test again. They were going to call in a perin and just deliver her today, but we are going to hope that she will stay put and get a bit bigger. THANK GOD! She is about 5 1/2 lbs though. They are having me go off the contraction meds as they think Gabbie is telling us that she needs to come with all of these contractions. If I have 8 or more contractions in an hour, we are to go in immediately. I am completely and totally overwhelmed with information and not sure what to do. They are worried about her lungs too still, but no reason to do the amnio as they can't do anything really until she comes. The nurse did take us down to the NICU and showed us that area just in case. I was very impressed with what I saw and it was just opened up so everything was gorgeous, private rooms, brand new equipment, and more. We are hoping we won't need any of that, but it is nice to know that it is there in case we do. So we just sit and wait, count kick counts, count contractions, etc. Yes, I am stressed if you can't tell.... I would love for life to be easy. LOL... So, where does this leave us, who knows?  Right now we are just asking for lots of prayers for our little miracle.  I am going to end this with my favorite part of the ultrasound which was of course seeing our princess again.  She has lots of hair already which explains my indigestion.  I love her so much and I am so ready to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe that we are really here.  Our little Gabbie could make her appearance at any time.  Granted the Dr is still keeping me on meds to stop contractions until 36 weeks as that is our new goal now.  Plus on top of that I am being watched for preeclampsia too.  At my appt last week, my normally extremely low blood pressure was high with 132/92 and I was experiencing headaches.  It is just one more thing to worry about and put me on edge.  The Dr also said that my cervix is changing, dilating, and shrinking which puts us even closer.  I am not going to be going back to work until after Gabbie comes.  I hate that I am going to miss more school, but I need to do what is right for Gabbie and myself.  We have so much invested in this experience and this little girl. 

Yesterday was my baby shower and it was beyond perfect.  My mom and sister in law put together a fish shower with my closest friends and family.  It was amazing.  I am still in shock.  Gabbie got so many things yesterday to say the least.  The whole day was emotional and surreal.  I am putting in a few of my favorite pictures from yesterday.  So blessed...

One of my cakes that Jason made.  LOVE IT!

My mom, my sister in law Fran, and I

My presents...

A side shot of me...I feel huge!

Chris and I...we are so ready to be parents.

My mom and I

Some of my former students that came...I love those kids so much!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 and 8 Months Pregnant

Just a quick post saying how much I love 2012 already!  Today I am 32 weeks or 8 months in my pregnancy!  I can't believe it!  We are so close and Miss Gabbie could be here any day now.  We are so excited and slowly counting down the days until her arrival.  Not only that we are marking things off our to do list.  We are so happy and ready to be parents!!!  GIDDY!!!!