Friday, September 23, 2011

Belly at Almost 18 Weeks

So I finally did what everyone had been asking me to do...I took a picture of my belly.  I personally hate the pictures as I feel huge and just disheveled, but still.  For those of you that want to see the bump.  Here you go....  Enjoy....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost 17 Weeks

On Monday I am 17 weeks! WOW!  Still it doesn't seem real at all.  I am doing pretty good overall other than I am just on edge as I thought we were finding out the sex this next week and the doctor changed her mind and now we have to wait until October 11th.  Part of this reason is that they want to check my cervix.  I am more than disappointed as I just want to know already.  I have another appt on the 29th and I am going to try to push the appt up.  I am not giving up.  :)  Persistence will pay off, right?

Something for all of you mommies or soon to be mommies....the doctor keeps asking me about chromosomal testing and Down's testing.  How many of you actually did these tests?  My thought is, I don't want to know as I don't want to have more stress and worry than I already do.  Besides, there isn't much they can do if there is an issue just more ultrasounds and monitoring.  I think we made the decision we aren't doing it.  God wanted us to have this baby and we will, no matter what!
17 Week Update

Baby is the size of: an onion...I have a feeling the baby is bigger as I already feel huge.  If you haven't seen my bump, oh my.  :)  I need to take a picture of myself, but I just feel weird doing that.  
Symptoms: Still have the acne going on and feel like a teenager again.  Sleeping isn't my friend still.  Food aversions aren't as bad as they were last week.  I have eaten a few things that have definitely not agreed with the baby or me though.
Weight gain: From my appt last week from the alcohol scare to my appt this week, I put on a lb of weight that I lost.  Who knows?
Maternity clothes:  Big frustration in my life.  I hate that shirts do not cover that lovely panel on my jeans.  I feel so self conscience about it.  I need to buy some warmer clothes too as it seems like the weather is going to skip fall and go straight to winter.
Sleep: Lucky if I sleep about 3 hours straight a night if that.  I asked the doctor and she said I can take something, but I don't want to do that unless I have to.  I know by the end of the school week, I am worn out and I can't wait for the 4:00 bell. 
Movement: I would say I have some flutters or tapping, but not like I thought I would.  I am sure this baby is a mover and shaker though as today we got out the doppler just to hear the heartbeat and he/she was moving all over the place as the heartbeat kept moving.  I told Chris and the baby he or she had better do the same kind of movement when we go to find out the gender.
Cravings: Non existent.  It is crazy that I don't, but I really don't.  I do know that smells of foods make me not want to eat something sometimes though.  For example my lunchable the other went in the trash.
Strangest moment: Going to the city Fall Fun Fest and having everyone just rub my belly.  I have never touched a belly until now with mine.  It is really shocking at how hard my stomach is.  I never would dream it would feel like this.  I thought it would feel mushy.  LOL...
Gender: October 11th can't get here fast enough.  My patience on this one is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This momma wants to shop!
What I look forward to: Finding out the sex of course and feeling the baby kick!
Milestones: Not sure one this one...the doctors still think I am crazy so that hasn't changed.  She thinks it is funny I don't believe this is real.  That is probably why she sees me every 2 weeks.  :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Furniture for the Nursery

Today reality has started to hit me that is for sure.  :)  As the delivery people carried in the Furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart, I just sat here.  Once they left and I looked in the room, I was immediately overcome with emotion.  The room that we have planned on being a nursery for 7 years and painted blue back in to create our fish nursery wasn't empty any more and was full of furniture.  I just stood there and took it all in as did Chris.  We then immediately got to work pulling out all of the things we have bought through the years.  We have all of the bedding already for the crib, curtains, lamp, floor rug, and more.  Our little home for a baby is really starting to look complete and we have 5 more months to perfect it and put up the wallies on the wall.  Here are a few of the pics. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Was Given Alcohol!

What a past 24 hours I have had!   Went to Applebees last night for dinner with friends and had a frozen lemonade to drink instead of caffeine trying to be good as I had drank nothing, but water during the day.  We even told the waiter to hurry on the appetizers as I was prego and hungry,  During dinner was feeling hot and a headache coming on.  When the ticket came we saw that the waiter brought me a spiked frozen lemonade even though the waiter knew I was pregnant and that beverage isn't even on the menu.  It was quite the evening to say the least and I just feel sick especially from the headache I got.  I talked to my doctor's office and they said to call them today once I got up and moving.  The good thing is that I am out of my first trimester and I didn't drink that much, but still you know how I am feeling like I have so much invested in this and it doesn't take the worry away.  Applebees is flipping out to say the least as they said they have never had this happen before, but come to find out today that this has happened before and a child was served alcohol.  The General Manager was supposed to call me today and believe me he has, more info on that to come.  The manager last night just kept asking what can I do, what can I do.  With each thing he said the tears welled up until I lost it.  Luckily I have amazing friends who helped me through all of this.  I can honestly say that last night I didn't get much sleep at all even though I was sure things were fine, but I was more mad than anything.  Today when I got up I was still angry to say the least.  I called the doctor and while waiting on them to call back, Applebees called more than a few times wanting to know if I was fine and had seen a doctor.  I then talked to my drs office and they said to come in at 1:00.  I was so nervous to be honest with you, but more than relieved and happy when I heard that little heartbeat just going as fast as it could.  :)  Then the coolest thing happened, the baby actually kicked the doppler.  You heard this thump sound and the doctor looked and me and smiled only to say that is what had happened.  I have a feeling that soon enough I will be feeling this little bundle of joy moving all over the place and can't wait.  The doctor wrote me out directions saying that I had been exposed to alcohol by Applebees, what the fetal tones were, that I need lots of fluid, and follow up appointments.  This covers me in case something does happen, but it won't.  Tomorrow I am going to call Applebee's General Manager back and give him an earful about the situation.  I want to figure out everything I want to say first.  I am still SOOOOOOO angry about the whole thing.  Nothing like more drama in my life and my pregnancy!  LOL...

Monday, September 5, 2011

15 Weeks!

Today I am 15 weeks!  It doesn't even seem possible!  It really just seems like yesterday that we were in St. Louis doing IVF.  I still don't think the reality of the fact that I am pregnant has hit me.  The joke is that I won't realize that I am pregnant until I am holding that beautiful baby in my arms.  :)  I know that I am, but it still seems so surreal.

Now the update on our baby and how I am doing. :)
Baby is the size of: a naval orange...our little Gomez or Gertie are growing!  I would almost even say that our baby is larger than that as our baby was weighing in at 2oz a few weeks ago and it says that the baby should way 2.5oz.

Symptoms: I am not having any major symptoms lately.  I guess what people say about the 2nd trimester is true as I am feeling pretty good.  I am getting some pain from my body stretching especially when I sleep, but not too bad.  The only thing that i have still is acne.  Hello hormones!

Weight gain: None...I went to the doctor last week and I am dropping weight still.  I still think I am dropping IVF weight and that is why I can't tell I am gaining even though my bump is growing.

Maternity clothes - I went and bought a few more shirts yesterday.  It is already hard enough to find shirts that are long enough for my body. 

Sleep: I bought a snoogle a few weeks ago and I do have to say that is helps some when trying to fall asleep, but the pain I have been having when laying on my side isn't fun.  I know that it is just my body stretching and growing for this baby, but it is uncomfortable.

Movement: The doctor last week said I should start feeling movement this week.  I can't wait to feel it and it would definitely give me such peace of mind knowing the baby is really developing.

Cravings: I am really not having cravings.  I have been wanting fruit a lot lately, but that is about it.  The other thing is my Lay's BBQ chips.

Strangest moment: People are starting to rub my belly.  I thought it would bother me, but it doesn't at all.  It is kind of neat that people are so excited.  Also, my kindergarteners think every time I have a doctors appt that I am having the baby.  :)  It is kind of cute!

Gender: Don't know yet!  We will know in a few more weeks.  I have so many friends that are making predictions and most of them say girl.  I am still thinking boy, but I just want a healthy baby.

What I look forward to: My appt next week and scheduling my ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby.  I am not being very patient about this.  Also, our baby furniture is being delivered on Saturday.  We even went over to my parents house to get a bunch of stuff out of their basement as I bought bedding and stuff years ago before we knew about our infertility issues.  I had to get it out of the house as it was too hard to look at.  I now have these boxes here and opening them will bring back a lot of memories, but I am excited to see what we already have.  Hello Fish Nursery!

Milestones: Really starting to accept that I am going to be a mom.  :)